The Ultimate Rotisserie


One of our Family traditions is to throw a Pig Roast party. It is amazing how a simple "Party Invitation" can get a
lukewarm reception, but when you qualify that it will be a  "PIG ROAST",
all of a sudden, the response invariably turns to: "YES! WHEN?"   

At a Pig Roast in the early 1990's, a rotisserie that was rented for the occasion was wobbly, missing parts and rusty in places.
My father, a former General Motors Tool and Die Foreman [who owned some metal working machines in his basement nextdoor to me] looked at the rented unit and declared that he could make something much better! 
And, he did! 
The original unit he made was the center of many Pig Roasts over the next two decades, and then it became my prototype
for "The Ultimate Rotisserie" in 2009. ​
Since then the hand-crafted, Made In America "Ultimate Rotisserie" has been sold around the world - while the original made by my
father is still gathering crowds for parties many decades later. 
Al & Susan Biel


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