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Kevin from Ohio tells us:
"I use a porchetta recipe from but use a full skin-on belly with the loin still attached. It’s for a big crowd but it’s better that way."

Our customer Kevin O. in Ohio shares with us this mouth-watering photo of Porechetta.
A slice of this on a crusty ciabatta roll  with thin sliced red onion and spicy arugula would tranport me right back to a street fair in Tuscany!
Or head over here to Alton Brown's recipe on Serious Eats: 

Ultimate Rotisserie
owner Ralph M., in California
is shown here cooking a 42 lb goat.

He told us:

"the basting [with a branch of rosemary] 
 was olive oil, herbs, garlic puree, and peppers.
We were using oak, almond and walnut for our hardwood.
Goat is delicious!"